Using CraftStudio for modding Minecraft

CraftStudio's 3D box-based models are compatible with Minecraft. You can get CraftStudio to generate a file that can be used with the Minecraft Coder Pack using the /export minecraft chat command in the model editor.

Some things to note:

Various teams like Elkyos or SimCraft have used CraftStudio successfully to make 3D models for their servers.

Fun example: Replacing the Minecraft pig by a huge AT-AT model:


Alternative export format

If your modding team is willing to go much deeper, you can use /export json model and /export json animation to export models and animations in a simple custom JSON format. You can then convert those files into your own format and/or build the required runtime classes to play back animations.

That would probably involve adding a Quaternion math class to Minecraft to interpolate rotation keyframes properly and basically making many changes in Minecraft's model rendering code. Tthe JSON format stores Euler angles to be applied in YXZ order (aka. yaw / pitch / roll).

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A genuinely cute, well made game-making tool
Craig Pearson — Rock Paper Shotgun

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9 MB — Windows, OS X, Linux
Pretty damn neat [...] Good things usually happen when you give PC gamers new tools to express their creativity, so keep an eye on this one.
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